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CAD Design & Layout

Each project begins with a thorough understanding of the objectives. With these objective clearly defined, our engineers can design the necessary hardware that must work in unison with the software. The design documents are submitted for your review and ultimately to the manufacturing floor for construction and programming.

Automation Integrators (AI) relies on our in-house electrical design team to integrate the hardware and the control components to meet our customers growing needs. Our control design solutions range for hard-wired relay logic to sophisticated PLC and PC process controls. A successful project always begins with a effective design!

The key components of effective control design are:

  • A through understanding of the systems functionality.
  • Any interface to legacy systems that may be in place.
  • Selecting the proper control devices for the application
  • Experience in machine control.
  • Modular design to allow for expanding the functionality.
  • Clean and documented logic.
  • Support of the installed system.

Control System Design

Because of the experience we have with a wide base of motion control, and industrial control products, our ability to provide you with the ideal control solution for your task is enhanced over the competition.  Let us help you get the system you need for the price you desire.

Mechanical Design/Fabrication

Machines are not comprised of just logical bits, so our offering of mechanical design, and fabrication services assures you of a single vendor solution for all your automation needs.

CAD Services

Automation Integrators (AI) is capable of developing an AutoCAD set of prints or modifying your existing mark-ups.  We will deliver to you your prints on any media utilizing our plotter and laser printers.  If you prefer your own set, we will transfer the files via E-mail, diskette, or CD-Rom.

After project approval, we provide the detailed engineering to design and install the project. This includes an integrated documentation package that includes electrical systems, field instruments, control systems, local area networks and document management systems. The design data is provided in database format for construction and maintenance records in addition to the following typical drawings:

P&ID's Loop sheets
Single line diagrams I/O Point list
Logic diagrams MCC Layouts
Local Area Network Diagrams Conduit and wiring  installation plans
Schematics Lighting plans
Control room layouts Conduit and cable schedules
Motor & Instrument Database Specifications
Emergency power plans  

We are ready to design, build, and program your next custom automation project.
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