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Automation Integrators (AI) has extensive experience in control panel design and manufacturing. Through our knowledge and experience associated with custom controls, we can provide solutions for a wide variety of custom panel applications. From small relay interface panels to large scale process control consoles, we can create a panel to fit the users need. We have provided many solutions for industrial / commercial applications, including:

  • Process control panels
  • Motor control centers
  • Power distribution
  • Annunciator panels
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panels
  • Door control panels
  • Machine control enclosures
  • Communication cabinets
  • Pneumatic control panels

In order to meet a broad range of customer driven specifications, Automation Integrators (AI) has created panels in a variety of methods. From ferrule terminations and heat shrink wire labels to custom enclosure cutouts and fabrication, AI can accommodate any end user requirements pertaining to custom panel manufacturing.

We are ready to design, build, and program your next custom automation project.
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